Impossible Burger

Tastes Like Meat... But It's Not!

Impossible Burger

Ford’s Garage is excited to announce the newest addition to the menu: the Impossible Burger! The Impossible Burger is a simple concept, a natural and completely plant-based burger patty. That said, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

This is the veggie alternative that’s making mouths water for both herbivores and carnivores alike. Completely vegan, this special burger promises to replicate the taste and texture of real beef using similar proteins found in plants. Impossible Burger ingredients are all found in nature, but made in a lab – they include wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, and heme. According to Impossible Foods, the company that created the burger, “Heme is responsible for the characteristic of taste and aroma of meat,” so there’s a little bit of science for you.

The Impossible Burger won the 2017 Tasty Award and the 2018 Fabi Award from the National Restaurant Association, and it’s the go-to veggie burger for top chefs in high-end restaurants. Hence why the words “Ford’s Garage Impossible Burger” struck a chord with us. We passionately sought out the best veggie burger in the world, and now we’ve brought it to every Ford’s Garage location.

But Impossible Burger isn’t just delicious – it’s sustainable, too!

Raising livestock uses tons of energy and water, and it’s taking a serious toll on the environment. Compared to cows, the Impossible Burger uses a significantly smaller fraction of our Earth’s natural resources, and releases 87% less greenhouse gases. That’s a sustainable meal you can feel great about.

So if you’re looking for a delicious burger, meat-eater or not, find a Ford's Garage Location nearest you!  The Impossible Burger can be substituted in any of our gourmet burger recipes, so start thinking about your toppings!

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